Correspondence with Dr. E

TERM B-R-E-A-K means no blogs, right? Partly yes. But then after some hiatus here in wordpress, I have to say I miss flexing my fingers just to share some thoughts related to technology. So after reading two emails from Dr. Peter E of the fame, I’ve decided to share my correspondence with HIM to my “followers” out there. Again, my intentions would be to promote his site plus I am partly bored now… Hehehe… So, here they are.

Aug 18
Good day Dr. Peter,

I am Clem, one of the attendees of your lecture last August 4 at De La Salle. Anyway, I would just like to REQUEST for pdf copies of your researches related to the Flipped Learning Model. My research interests are in technology integration. Kudos to Dr. Bing and madam Minie for the encouragements.
Further, thank you by the way for instilling to us that being a math teacher and using the model requires lots of PASSION. Here is also my blog, although late, about your lecture: I took the freedom to promote your site, too. Hope you won’t mind.
Thank you for granting my request.
Animo La Salle!
Yours truly,
Clem Aguinaldo

Aug 18
Hello sir!

Btw, I just saw the article you wrote on our seminar last August 4.  Thank you so much for the kind gesture and for helping me share my website and youtube channel.  I am sincerely honored and humbled on the things you wrote in your blog.
I am looking forward for more collaboration with you and other educators in the Philippines who would want to have me as a guest speaker to share with them not only my flipped classroom but also my experience as an educator that might be able to encourage other teachers to always push the envelope and go beyond the 4 walls of the classroom.
Here are some of the journals I have published on flipped classroom: [Note: Files were attached instead here…]
If you have an iPad, you can download my iBook from iTunes here. Just to give you an Idea on how I implement FC in my math class:
and a video on YouTube of me showing how I create my own video for my  flipped classroom:
I hope these helps.
All the best!
 Apple Distinguished Educator
math teacher | math instructor
Barstow High School | Chapman University

Aug 19
Dear Doc Peter,

Thanks a lot! May you have a thousand more videos and a million followers to come… When I met my Diff. Equations 4th year students last Friday, I promoted your site and encouraged them even more to spread the word and use them during their internship next semester…
Unfortunately, I was not given any subject next sem at PNU due to our scholarship grant. That means, I won’t be using YET your Filipino version of CALCULUS which I intended to use with our teacher education students in the campus as a possible research study. I will keep on promoting your YouTube channel and numberbender site though…
Again, thank you and more videos to come. God bless you sir.
In St. La Salle,
Aug 26
Dear sir Clem,

Maraming salamat po sa pagsupport nyo sa flipped classroom model and pag gamit sa mga math videos ko online.  I am really grateful na through you eh naiibahagi ko sa mas maraming teachers at students sa atin yung mga ginagawa kong videos.
If makauwi po ako ulit sa Pilipinas, kontakin ko kayo para magkaroon naman ako ng chance na makabisita sa PNU.  Matagal ko na pong gustong mabisita ang PNU, kaso wala naman akong kakilala.  I would love to share my work as a teacher na alam kong pwedeng magamit ng mga future teachers natin sa Pilipinas.
Again, maraming salamat po ulit.  Sana po eh makatulong yung mga research papers namin sa mga gagawin nyo in the future as an educator.
 Apple Distinguished Educator
math teacher | math instructor
Barstow High School | Chapman University

These are all folks. On a side note, the internet really gave us all the chance to communicate with each other even if they are halfway on the globe. Gone now are the glorious days of sending a courier mail using an actual paper and envelope and waiting for months to reach your intended addressee. I miss the actual cards, though. Hehe…
OKAY, back to vacation mode again…

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