FLIPPED Classroom Model with Dr. Peter Esperanza

[BLOG 12. This is a late blog post, you may call it, but I’m still posting it anyway. :D]

Last August 4, 2017, yours truly together with madam Evelyn were able to attend a lecture/seminar sponsored by the Mathematics Department of the College of Science at DLSU. The title alone would really spark your interest: How to Flip Math Classrooms and Publish Math Lessons Online. Who would NOT be interested to join this free activity?!? WELL, with the busyness of our colleagues, only TWO of us managed to attend. It was a good thing that the activity fit into our “hectic” schedules.

Dr. Peter Joseph Esperanza, an alumnus of the university and currently teaching at Barstow High School and Chapman University in California, delivered an excellent intellectual lecture on flipped learning. Just for the uninitiated, he defined the term FLIPPED CLASSROOM as a model “in which students watch and complete online lectures on the subject matter at home, and use their classroom time to work on problem sets with the help of their teacher and classmates”. HOW COOL IS THAT? Imagine giving beforehand the needed fundamental concepts or ideas about the new lessons through videos. Then, instead of discussing them again inside the classroom, the focus will be more on follow-up activities or some clarifications, if there are. He shared how he started making online videos, uploading them in YouTube, and requiring his students to watch them and take notes prior to conducting his classes the following days. Challenges were shared on preparing the lessons, recording the educational videos and sharing them, as well as some problems encountered during those early days of doing the tasks. But after a while, Dr. E got the hang of it.

What followed next are research projects verifying and exploring the effects of the model on the attitude, perceptions and performance of students who were taught with this model. These completed researches were even presented in France, Germany and UK. Wow!

Now, just out curiosity, you might want to watch two of his videos before I continue…

The first video was done in 2014 while the second one is in 2017! WE really CAN see the improvements, eh! You would also be surprised that there are a lot of tutorials in math he did in Filipino! Now, for me, that was the BEST and moving gesture he did. Giving back to our kababayan students across the globe by dedicating lots of his time explaining topics from the most complex but useful subject, M-A-T-H.

“.. the focus will be more on follow-up activities or some clarifications, if there are.”

With his passion for teaching, he was awarded in 2015 as Apple Distinguished Educator, Barstow Teacher of the Year, and first Filipino-American Community Hero. He shared that even up to this day, with over 600+ clips over there, he continues to make MORE, he never quits and he never plans to stop. Now, that’s the mark of a TRUE educator!

True to his calling, Dr. E even made a website thru a friend from the university so that everyone can access his tons of work, FOR FREE!. Please hold your mouse and click now this link: http://www.numberbender.com/. Feel honored to visit, browse through the videos and more importantly, SHARE SHARE SHARE to every learner out there, young, old and retired, who just wants to learn and appreciate the beauty of numbers once more…

Thanks sir Peter for the inspiration. May there be more teachers like you out there. NOW, where are my lecture notes, Camtasia software, microphone and camera… 🙂

HERE is a snapshot of the site http://www.numberbender.com/:




6 thoughts on “FLIPPED Classroom Model with Dr. Peter Esperanza

  1. What an inspiring blog, Sir! ☺Gusto ko pong maranasan ang Flipped Classroom kung saan maaaring balikan ang lecture kapag may hindi naintindihan. 😊 At laking tulong po ito sa mga batang nahihiyang magtanong sa kanilang teacher pagkatapos magturo. ☺


  2. Thank you sir Clem for this wonderful article. I am really happy that through you, my math videos are finally getting the Filipino audience that I have been wanting to have ever since I have started recording my math videos in Filipino.

    Mabuhay po kayo and I am looking forward to seeing you again really soon.



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